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Benchmark web sites Built with Eleventy over time. Created by IndieWeb Avatar for zachleat.comzachleat.
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URL Built With Lighthouse
IndieWeb Avatar for makethingsaccessible.com/ makethingsaccessible.com/ Generator for makethingsaccessible.com/ 😍
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<speedlify-score speedlify-url="https://www.11ty.dev/speedlify" hash="c6f7d626" score weight rank rank-change></speedlify-score>

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Date Rank Lighthouse Axe
Perf A11Y Best Practices SEO
Feb 12 02:12 #114 100 Calculator 100 100 100 0
Jan 28 07:26 #112 100 Calculator 100 100 100 0
Date Core Web Vitals Web Vitals
Feb 12 02:12 1.02s 16ms 0ms 0.00 0.93s 1.58s 0.93s
Jan 28 07:26 1.00s 16ms 0ms 0.00 0.91s 1.59s 0.91s
Date Weight
Total HTML CSS JS Images Fonts Third Party
Feb 12 02:12 31K KiB 4K KiB 8K KiB ×1 1K KiB ×1 9K KiB ×2 10K KiB ×1 0B B ×0
Jan 28 07:26 31K KiB 4K KiB 8K KiB ×1 1K KiB ×1 9K KiB ×2 10K KiB ×1 0B B ×0